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Wright's Dairy Farm

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Our Dairy Farm

Our dairy farm is unique because we not only care for and milk our cows but also pasteurize and bottle their fresh local dairy milk here on Woonsocket Hill Road. We believe this provides the best shopping experience and best tasting milk for our customers. When you visit the farm you can see the animals are healthy and well cared for. You are also able to watch the cows being milked daily from 3pm to 4:30pm. Our fresh local dairy milk goes from cow to bottle in 24 hours. Fresh, local dairy milk has a natural sweet flavor and will last in your refrigerator longer than milk that is commingled with many farms and travels in a tractor trailer to a processing plant. That’s real value!

Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery offers our fresh local dairy milk from our North Smithfield, RI location. Also satisfying customers from MA, CT and surrounding areas.

Watch the Cows Being Milked

Our cows get milked everyday from 3PM-4:30PM, even on Christmas! Our milking parlor was specifically designed with both our cows and customers in mind.

For our cows, it features state of the art technology and comfort. For our customers, it features huge glass viewing windows so you can see the whole process for FREE.

While you're visiting remember to stop by and say hi to the baby cows as well! Please remember to exercise cow etiquette (link to Q&A page) while visiting!

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Free Self-Guided Audio Tour

It's not always possible for our farmers to take time out of their busy schedules to give tours, which is why we've created a self guided option!
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