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Our History

Northern Rhode Islanders have been enjoying Wright's Dairy Farm & Bakery products since the year 1914. For generations we have provided personalized service and uncompromised quality dairy products. We produce and bake everything right on our farm premises and there is a difference. It's difference that you'll have to "taste" to appreciate.
Family Owned & Operated
  • Ellen Puccetti

  • Jennifer Roberts

  • Elizabeth Dulude

  • Clayton Wright​​

  • Steven Puccetti

  • Paul Dulude

  • Jared Brong

  • Cathryn Kennedy


In 1896 the first deed for the current farm property was recorded in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. In the early 1900s the farm had chickens, pigs, horses and only about a dozen cows. In those days the milk was sold "raw" (un- pasteurized or homogenized) and was delivered to customers every single day.

In the 1930's pasteurization became necessary and our first dairy plant was built. We started bottling in glass and we delivered milk and cream on a regular basis.

As time went on, and we added more cows to our herd we began having a lot of extra cream. We wanted to add value to our dairy farm, but we were unsure what direction to go in. In the 1970s we opened our first retail store and stopped offering the home delivery milk route. Claire started making a few chocolate cream pies, cream puffs and muffins in her home kitchen and sold them in the retail store on the honor system. A few years later renovations began to accommodate a bakery space and the first bakery opened!

As our baked goods grew more popular, we decided to add a full line of cream pastries, breakfast items and began offering decorated cakes. In the late 1990s we updated a few things on the farm; including a new 120 cow free stall barn and a milking barn with a viewing area! We also built a brand new retail store.

Although, many changes have ensued over the years, but we always remember where we started and how far we've come.

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