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Our History


1896           The first deed was recorded in the North Smithfield, RI Town Hall by George Wright.

1900            Milk was being delivered to houses in cans.

1914             The homestead was built and the family grew.

1930's          Pasteurization became necessary. A dairy or milk processing plant was set-up. Ernest Wright took over the business and                        built up a successful home delivery route of milk and cream in glass bottles.

1970's          Ernest sold the business to his son Edward Wright. Edward opened a retail farm store, to sell the milk and eggs, and                                discontinued the home delivery route.

1972             Claire Wright started making pies in her home to be sold in the small retail store.

1976             The official bakery opened.

1980's          The bakery steadily grew to incorporate a full line of baked products, cream pastries and decorated cakes. Numerous                              additions were added to accommodate the growing bakery and store.

1996              Large addition added to dairy and bakery. Total reorganizing of building including new rack oven, mixing room, loading                           dock and 2000 gallon bulk tank.

2001              New 120 cow freestall barn built.

2005              New retail store added that includes storage and office space upstairs, the old store becomes much needed bakery                               production space.

2009              New state of the art milking barn is built, large viewing window allows the public to view the cows being milked; daily                              3pm-5pm.

2013               New 2400 square foot Shop built.

2014                Old barn taken down, new red storage barn built. Driveway re-routed to make way for new barn.

2015               New 4000 square foot barn built, function will be new bakery space and storage.

2017               New Cake Shop is completed, featuring wedding consultation room and viewing area to see our decorators at work.

2017-2019     We hosted pop-up ice cream shops, serving our ice cream out of our cake shop.

2019                We purchased a 1966 Streamline trailer and had it renovated into an ice cream shop. This was the first summer we                                    offered our ice cream scooped, all summer long.

2021                 Opened our 2nd Streamline Trailer “The Wright Scoop” in Warren, RI.

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