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All of the milk and cream we sell is processed here at our farm with milk from our own cows!

Home Delivey
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Our Milk: Whole Milk, Skim Milk, 2%, Cream Top Milk
Flavored Milk: Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry (seasonal)
Our Cream: Light Cream, Heavy Cream
Our Cheese: Cheddar Cheese, Cheese Curds

Can't make it to our farm?

Buy our milk at these businesses

Please note not every business carries every size and variety. We recommend calling ahead.

Wholesale Info

Would you like to sell our milk or use it in your restaurant or bakery? To inquire about wholesale purchases please email us.

Cream Top Milk - A Less Processed Option

An ode to the past! Cream Top milk is minimally processed.

It is still pasteurized following federal law, but it is not homogenized.

Homogenization is the process that breaks up the butterfat and evenly distributes it throughout the milk.

Because this milk isn't homogenized the cream clumps together and rises to the top of the bottle just like the good 'ol days. Give this milk a good shake before drinking!

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