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Ice Cream

Farmstead Ice Cream

Here at Wright's we make farmstead ice cream.

Farmstead is a term used most commonly in cheese making. A farmstead cheese is made on farm with the milk from the cows that live there. Our ice cream is made on farm with the milk and cream produced from our cows. The entire process takes two days.

On the first the day we make the ice cream base. The base consistency is somewhere between heavy cream and vanilla pudding. The ice cream base is cooked in 30 gallon batches in a large kettle in the bakery. Once the mix has reached a temperature of 170 degrees it is poured into stainless steel containers and rapidly chilled. The chilled mix is put in the cooler over night to 'age'. Aging the mix allows the flavor to fully develop before churning.

Day two the mix is put into our Emery Thompson ice cream maker. The ice cream maker churns 3 gallons of mix at a time and takes about 14 minutes per batch. When it comes out of the machine it has a consistency of soft serve. It is quickly hand scooped into individual containers and packed into our freezer where it finishes hardening.

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Great tasting Ice Cream Year-Round.

Our Ice Cream Test Batch Club

Our Test Batch Club is an exclusive (members-only) club that helps us create and refine new flavors and improve on old ones. We offer this club in our ice cream off-season, during the winter months. Beginning the first week in January (each year) we will make one batch of a different ice cream flavor each week (for 13 weeks) and pack it into pints. Each of these flavors are taste-tested by Test Batch members only and are not available to anyone else (including staff)!


In 2017 we hosted 8 'pop-up' ice cream shops in Wright's Dairy Farm and Bakery's Cake Shop. They were a huge hit so in 2018 we hosted a 'pop-up' every week during the summer. Building on that momentum we knew 2019 was the year to make the leap and invest in a stand-alone scoop shop. We purchased a 1966 Streamline trailer and had it fully renovated into an ice cream shop. Our trailer now serves as a full-time scoop shop each year (April-October).

For the 2021 season, we have decided to bring our cow to cone ice cream to the East Bay. We have renovated a second streamline trailer and it is now open daily (for the summer). It is parked at Blount Waterfront in Warren, RI and will be open all summer!

From cow to cone, in just a few short days, come experience farmstead ice cream done the Wright way! Check out The Wright Scoops webpage for all the latest info:

Check our Facebook Event page for more details!

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